At Thinkwell, we believe in life by design: The ability to choose the way you work, play, and make a difference. 

For those looking to branch out in business, our team of experienced consultants provides learning, mentoring, and support. Combined with our strategic industrial partnerships, and exposure to a community of experts, you will learn universal principles of success that can be applied to your career, business, and beyond.      

Thinkwell Partners


Chief Strategist

Olivia has a background in the hotel and broadcasting industry, as well as food court retail with Purefoods, Magnolia, and NestlĂ© for over 20 years. Today, she speaks to local and international audiences on leadership, success principles, and business ownership.

Business Strategist & Operations

Ryan is as a photographer and graphic designer by trade with a keen eye for business branding. At Thinkwell, he shares his passion with millenials looking to start a business alongside career, and has been invited as a guest lecturer in various schools, companies, and communities.


Leadership Expert

Ariel is an Electrical Engineer, and a Six-Sigma Master Black Belt Trainer who runs training programs for various multinationals for process improvement. He is also resource speaker for Inspire! Leadership Consultancy, and a writing contributor for Kerygma,


moca rayala

Professor, UP College of Home Economics, School of Clothing, Textile, and Interior Design

"I love education, which is why I chose the teaching profession. Having my own business however allows me the flexibility to pursue my academic life, while being available to my young son. Because of the powerful support system of Thinkwell, my business has not only taken care of various family expenses, it has expanded to Cebu, Davao, and even California."   


Titus manuel

Former President, Philippine Computer Society

"I was looking for business even though I didn't know it. After years in the IT industry as well as in marketing and HR, I realized I wanted to be my own boss. What I've learned from Thinkwell - the people skills, the mindset for success - I apply in my career. Today, when I'm invited to give talks for the government or the IT industry, I proudly walk what I talk."


sonny sablan

IT Project Management Consultancy

"Having a proven system is very important to me as an engineer. When my wife and I started exploring the idea of business ownership, we were impressed by the step-by-step approach we learned from Olivia. The success habits that we have picked up are so valuable, that even our two teenage daughters are applying it in school! Employment has been a blessing, but being my own boss and a great dad - that's what matters to my family and I."   



Certified Public Accountant, Lexmark Philippines

"As a millenial professional, I want to succeed in my career while accomplishing other things - travelling the world with friends and loved ones, improving myself, and enjoying life to the fullest. I discovered that my busy workload was not a challenge, but an opportunity to learn important lessons such as time management, defining my priorities, and leveraging my time: all of which I learned from Thinkwell's business system. I love the books, the learning sessions, and how I've changed for the better!"

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